Empire of Nasconya

Kejserriget Nasconya

Motto - "Glorius Nasconya"

Anthem - Praise Be Our Eternal Glory


9 AC (826 BC as Kingdom of Scotmark)


Secular State

Sikhism 75%, Akiism 15%, Islam 10%,



National Language



Nasconyan Crowns NAK

Capital City

No Official Capital

Biggest city


Government type

Absolute Monarchy



Ruled by

Nano II von Doge

Empire of Nasconya (short Nasconya) (Danish: Kejserriget Nasconya) is the second largest, most populous country in the world, located north of Aki, and borders the North & South Nasconyan Sea to the west and Kongsfjord aswell as East Nasconya to the south.

Since 94 BC, Nasconya has been split into small municipalities

Municipality Year Population Biggest City
West Scotmark 94 BC 58.000 Kaupang
Gurgh 93 BC 200 Gurgh
Naharis 80 BC 29.400 Naharis
Inner Coast 78 BC 27.850 Krallecity
Sealand 69 BC 36.830 Høyanger
Mandural 60 BC 0 Mandural
Melyur 60 BC 0 (none)
Evasp 54 BC 10 (none)
Nymesh 48 BC 840 (none)
Crystal Coast 38 BC 0 (none)
Vaneda 36 BC 52.230 Vaneda City
Southern Coast 20 BC 0 (none)
Cliyuin 8 BC 40.100 Krallecity 2
Wolvershire 8 BC 200 Wolvershire
Sakha 12 AC 46.000 Krallecity 3


See Imperial Nasconya, Kingdom of Nasconya, Kingdom of Scotmark


The Empire of Nasconya is a temperate country, with few deserts and snow biomes, and has alot of mountain ranges, hills, rivers & forests spread around the country. Being bordered from almost all directions by ocean, its only bordering neighbors are Aki & ENC

To the north, across the Slovenikia Straight, is the Republic of Slovenikia


The largest population group is the native Scotmarks, wich is around 60% of the population, the second largest population group is the Passionistani (20%) people, wich lives scattered around near the Kongsfjord region, and has a long time been under Nasconyan rule, because of a history of being the only nation accepting them.

Third largest population group is the Aki(10-15%) people from Aki, whom has for a long time been a strong economical & military ally of Nasconya.


Nasconya is an economic giant, its the country with most exports and imports in the world, Nasconya's biggest import is oil, and biggest export is food products, most oil is imported from Imraq,

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