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Kejserlige Marine

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The Imperial Navy, aka, Nasconyan Navy (danish: Kejserlige Marine) is the national Maritime & Navy orginazition protecting & operations for the Navy of Nasconya

Ships in Service


ID Name Class Launched
F-50 Mayuri Mayuri Class 9 AC
F-51 Kotegawa Mayuri Class 9 AC
F-52 Shiina Mayuri Class 10 AC
F-53 Kyou Mayuri Class 10 AC
F-54 Tomoyo Mayuri Class 10 AC
F-55 Sakagami Mayuri Class 10 AC
F-56 Fuuko Mayuri Class 10 AC
F-61 Shikinami Orion Class 10 AC
F-62 Ayanami Echo Class 11 AC
F-63 Leone Orion Class 11 AC
F-64 Yui Orion Class 11 AC
F-70 Faris Faris Class 13 AC
F-71 Rumiho Faris Class 13 AC
F-72 Mero Faris Class 14 AC
F-73 Faris Class 14 AC


ID Name Class Launched
D-80 Furuya Furuya Class 12 AC
D-81 Rei Furuya Class 12 AC
D-82 Nymph Furuya Class 12 AC
D-83 Sohara Furuya Class 12 AC
D-84 Hatsuna Furuya Class 12 AC
D-85 Shiro Shiro Class 12 AC
D-86 Minatsuki Shiro Class 12 AC
D-87 Asuka Shiro Class 13 AC
D-88 Kurisu Shiro Class 13 AC
D-89 Zipang Furuya Class 13 AC
D-90 Mirari Furuya Class 13 AC
D-91 Unnamed Shiro Class 15 AC
D-92 Unnamed Shiro Class 15 AC


ID Name Class Launched
CH-20 Sankarea Sankarea Class 12 AC
CH-21 Nagisa Sankarea Class 12 AC
CH-22 Kuroneko Sankarea Class 12 AC
CH-23 Kazumi Sankarea Class 12 AC


ID Name Class Launched
C-03 Arvanitis Icarus Class 12 AC
C-04 Teuthras Icarus Class 12 AC
C-05 Hephaestus Icarus Class 12 AC
C-06 Ikaros Icarus Class 12 AC
C-10 Emperor of Nasconya Emperor Class 14 AC
C-11 Valdemar Rosenvinge Emperor Class 15 AC
C-12 Rolf von Falkenberg Emperor Class 15 AC

Submarines (incomplete)

ID Name Class Launched
L-100 Shinji Ohio Class 11 AC
L-102 Kaworu Ohio Class 11 AC
L-150 Kurosaki Kurosaki Class 12 AC
L-151 Enju Kurosaki Class 12 AC
L-152 Aihara Kurosaki Class 12 AC
L-153 Rentaro Kurosaki Class 12 AC
L-160 Akira Akira Class 12 AC
L-161 Yamamoto Akira Class 12 AC

Light Combat Ships (LCS)

ID Name Class Launched
LCS-01 Poseidon Poseidon Class 14 AC
LCS-02 Vesta Poseidon Class 14 AC
LCS-03 Vulcan Poseidon Class 14 AC
LCs-04 Neptune Poseidon Class 14 AC
LCS-05 Ceres Poseidon Class 14 AC
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