The Aki Navy (Swedish: Marinen) is the naval branch of the Aki Armed Forces. The Aki Coast Guard (Swedish: Kustbevakningen) and the Sea rescue (Swedish: Sjöräddningen) is also a part of the Aki Navy. The Navys mission is to protect the coastal waters of Aki and to support international missions around the world.

Vessels of the Aki navy:

Flagship: HMS Tuva, Tuva class cruiser

  • Carriers
    • Karlskrona Class
      • Karlskrona
  • Cruisers
    • Slava/Tuva Class
      • Tuva
      • Ebba
  • Destroyers
  • Frigates
    • Type 23
  • Corvettes
    • Nanuchka
  • Submarines
    • Delta IV
    • --- Class
    • Gotland Class

Hospital ships:

  • Akka class

Tow/offshore vessel

  • Sarek class

Vessels out of service/standby:

Vessels of the Aki Coast Guard:

Combination vessels:

  • KBV 201 class

Patrol boats:

  • KBV 305 class
  • Cobra class

Vessels of the Sea Rescue:

  • Helags class
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